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Rape Crisis Center

For All Seasons, Inc. provides:

  • Crisis Intervention to provide 24-hour response, assistance, and support to individuals, groups, and communities

  • Therapy to enable clients to function at their optimum

  • Advocacy to serve as a representative for individuals, groups, and the community to enhance their well-being

  • Education to impact social problems by expanding knowledge


  • A safe, highly confidential place for survivors of sexual violence
  • An opportunity for survivors to experience a sense of competency and resolution
  • Education focusing on basic skills in self-regulation, boundary maintenance, and communication
  • Services strive to help restore personal power and dignity to survivors of sexual violence by providing choices and decision-making opportunities
  • Symptoms of depression and post traumatic stress are identified and treated, reducing long term mental health symptoms.
  • Basic education about sexuality, correcting misperceptions and misconceptions
  • Reframing of current symptoms as attempts to cope with unbearable trauma.
  • Creation of a healing community by providing recovery services within a group format
  • Survivors and their families will be empowered and able to take back control of their lives
  • Families will receive assistance in how best to help their loved one, so often friends and families do not know what to say or what reactions to expect
  • The healing process will be supported throughout by trained professionals
  • Survivors and their families will have new skills to use in dealing with their emotions
  • FAS will work on breaking the silence and raising consciousness surrounding sexual violence; silence adds to a survivor's shame and delays recovery and healing

Serving Residents of Maryland's Mid-Shore at the following locations:

208 Cedar Street, Cambridge
516 Washington Street, Suite 4, Chestertown
114 Market Street, Denton
300 Talbot Street, Easton
206 Del Rhodes Avenue, Queenstown

Learn More:

To learn more about how we can help you, please call 410-822-1018, Monday - Friday, between 8:30AM and 5:00PM.

If you have just been raped or sexually assaulted or are in crisis and need someone to talk with, call our 24-hour hotline at 1-800-310-7273 or 410-820-5600.

Links to Resources available online:
Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Maryland Rape Crisis and Assault Center

For All Seasons Inc.
Serving Maryland's Eastern Shore
Chestertown • Queenstown • Denton • Cambridge • Easton
tel. 410-822-1018
Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:00 PM